Wipe Out Beach

Wipe Out Beach

GPS Coordinates

32.845957, -117.278978 (Entry)

Nearest Cross Street

Coast Blvd

Skill Level


Entry / Exit

To gain access to the beach take the stair case down to the rocks. Once down to the flat landing of the rock, scurry down the south facing rock ledge. There is a natural channel between two rocks, if the sand level in high then there will be a small step down into the channel that leads to the beach. Conversely, if the sand level is low, this can be a decent jump down (use discretion). Once on the beach walk south until you find an area between the kelp and head out. Kick west until you find a reef you would like to explore.

Once done with your dive head east back to shore. Pay attention to your depth. As you reach a depth of 5ft ascend and get in position to doff your fins. Time your exit with the surf, remember this is a shore break. As a wave comes in stand up and walk out quickly paying attention to following set.

Site Description

This is a shallow dive with max depth around 30ft. There are tons of large rocky reefs separated by sandy channels. The reefs are covered in sea grass and kelp which move rhythmically with the surge.

Within the rock outcroppings you will find lobsters, kelp fish, garibaldi, etc. Look at the sand for guitar fish and other critters.

Swell Considerations

Pay attention to the swell! This beach has a shore break which can make entry and exit dangerous if swells are high. This dive is best during the summer months when the swells are down.

The sand on this beach shifts constantly making access to beach difficult if the sand level is low. In addition, the sand is soft making walking down the beach difficult in full gear.