Vallecitos Point

Vallecitos Point

GPS Coordinates

32.855982, -117.258702 (Entry)

Nearest Cross Street

Vallecitos and Camino Del Oro

Skill Level


Entry / Exit

Enter water in front of the restrooms in Kellogg Park on Vallecitos Rd. On your way out shuffle feet to avoid stepping on sting rays.

When done with your dive take a heading of 100° towards shore. Be careful while in the shallows for kayakers overhead and sting rays in the sand.

Site Description

As you kick out, keep the palm trees on Vallecitos Rd. aligned.


1st Descent-Depth: 25ft onto San Dollar Beds (for beginners)

Restrooms: 100°

White House (south of Marine Room): 180°

End of Pier: 10°

After descending navigate west until you reach the top of the canyon wall then follow canyon edge southwest until you reach Vallecitos Point.

2nd Descent- Depth 60ft onto Vallecitos Point (for advanced)

Restrooms: 100°

White House (south of Marine Room): 165°

End of Pier: 15°

While descending keep in mind Vallecitos Point is around 60ft and pay attention to currents. If you surpass this depth, you are in the canyon. You must then take a heading 100° until you reach Vallecitos Point or continue your descent to your desired depth and make your way up the canyon until you reach Vallecitos Point.

After reaching Vallecitos Point you may encounter octopi, sheep crab, sheephead fish, kelp fish, nudibranchs, turbot, flounder, bat rays, lobster, and more...

Swell Considerations

Always pay attention to surf conditions and dive within the level of your training and conditions allow.